The success of your Institution over the past years is no secret. The good news! You’re very great. The bad news! You’ve outgrown your current business status, and the time to streamline and coordinate your Institution business processes with enterprise software is long overdue.


Get a Better Understanding

Holisticly implement fully tested process improvements rather than dynamic internal.

Get a Better Understanding
Pre-Admission and Admission Management

Manage the registration and admission process of both new and old students smoothly

Human Resources Management

Record and organize all employee details, enabling quick access to information and effective management of employee schedule and curriculum.

Student Management

• Quick access to all student records, current and alumni, using various filters. Get easy access to student particulars, grades, schedules, parents information, disciplinary and health records etc.

Finance Management and online payment integration

Secure and comprehensive finance module that simplifies managing and tracking school finances; i.e. creating and assigning fees, tracking full and part payments, and generating finance reports.

Identification system

Easily manage all forms of identification and access control activity through our biometric system

Calendar and events scheduling

Easily schedule activities from school-wide to class-specific events. Inform and be informed of events happening around by glancing at your calendar with day, week, month and year filters.

Activities & Grouping

Easily and automatically categorize students according to groups in any activities of school.

Inventory management

Record, manage and process all assets and inventory in the most realistic way. Get clear reports and insight about the status, consumption, and availability of goods and stock items.

Real time notification

Spread the news and keep all your employees, students and parents engaged by bringing the latest happenings right to their dashboard.

Real time messaging

Allow the users to chat in real time for information dissemination among others

Users roles and permission

Assign and manage employee privileges based on the role they play in the school, such as Course lecturer, Head of department, Bursar, Librarian, level adviser, etc.

Course registration

Make easier and more convenient the course registration process of students

Timetable management

Create clear and error-free timetables, ensuring the best use and optimization of academic staff across your institution.

Classes and Departments

Configure and manage multiple classes and departments according to your Institution’s unique structure.

Grading system

◦ Create customized grading systems according to your Institution’s unique structure. Fully automated and error-free result compilation and report generation in multiple formats for students, courses, classes and levels

Library Management

Manage print materials like books, journals and magazines along with the non-print materials like eBooks Maintain acquisition register, stock register, reports, etc


Electronic based exams for all categories of students and automatic reporting in the spreadsheet

School Analysis

Instantly generate reports on your Institution’s academic performance, holistically and at a class level.

Lecturer / Teacher Control panel

Access your personalised dashboard with secure login credentials to monitor and track student progress as well as receive notifications.

Attendance Management

Eliminate absenteeism and lateness with AcadXpert attendance module. Keep track of your students’ attendance, including lateness. Generate weekly, monthly and semester reports

Grading and Assessment

Limitless flexibility in creating assessment formats for computing and assigning grades. Keep parents up to date with their child’s progress, plus quickly identify and address patterns of progress for groups or individuals

Assignment management

With this module, daily classroom assignment assignments become easily available to students 24 hours a day. It also contains the date when it was assigned and when it should be submitted and course notes. In addition to these, lecturers can also modify assignment assignments and projects as per the requirements, track and evaluate assignment of every student with this smart assignment management tool.

Result and Transcript

Fully customizable report cards according to your grading criteria. Generate error-free reports. With the already available information about a student’s class performance, attendance and exam results, the database completes the report card automatically.

Virtual Learning Management system

With this module lecturer can interact with the student online. With webcam, student can receive lectures; materials to study can be uploaded with real time notification and attendance.

Parent control panel

◦ Access their personalised dashboard with secure login credentials to monitor and track their child’s progress as well as receive notifications from their lecturers and the school.

Academic progress

View their child’s academic activities and track performance across all courses, class, level and school sections, including honest and robust lecturer remarks and comments.

Behavioural assessment

Monitor their child’s behavioural progress across multiple spectrums.

Finance and Fee payment

Track their child’s finances such as fees payments, levies, etc. With our protected transaction platform, conveniently pay fees with your phone or computer using AcadXpert safe and secure transaction platform.

Result tracking

Receive continuous updates on your child’s assessments right from their first day in school, all the way through their learning curve.

Student control panel

◦ Access their personalised dashboard with secure login credentials to monitor and track their progress as well as receive notifications from their lecturers and the school.